Much Needed Advice

Benjamin Bratt & Antonio Sol

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Much Needed Advice Benjamin Bratt & Antonio Sol
I have to sing, I have to play!
The music, it's, it's not just in me it is me
When life gets me down, I play my guitar
The rest of the world may follow the rules, but I must follow my heart
You know that feeling? Like there's a song in the air and it's playing just for you?

The feeling's so close you can reach out and touch it
I never knew I could want something so much but it's true

You must have faith sister

Oh but Padre, he will never listen

He will listen to music

Only a song, only a song, has the power to change a heart

Never underestimate the power of music

But my father, he will never give me permission!

I am done asking permission. When you see your moment, you mustn't let it pass you by, you must seize it

Señor de la Cruz, what did it take for you to seize your moment?

I've had to have faith in my dream, No one was going to hand it to me, it was up to me reach for that dream, grab it tight

And make it come true

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