Dirt Bells

Black Milk

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Dirt Bells Black Milk
Yo they're sleeping on him hard, yo they're sleeping on him
Used to dream about, think about the long road
Back seat limos to award shows
Hitting off such and such, hanging out with so and so
Yeah, a taste of that glamor
He won't even miss it so, it won't even matter
Rather sit down and listen while
Writing a letter to the fam' like I miss 'em
I ain't been around
Really see 'em
Yeah, it's been a while
Out here on this road, if they only knew
That I'm out here doing it for 'em
From state to state
Straining these vocal chords from screaming
On these mics at fans till I see hands, every night
Automatic when they see me, autographs on their CD's
Since 2005, on the rise, moving freely
So, to the loved ones that's broken hearted
Before I depart this planet gotta finish what I started

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Estilos: Hip Hop, Rap
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