Learning How To Fall

Bon Jovi

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Learning How To Fall Bon Jovi
I was walking on a wire
Looking down, there was no net
Now, I'm standing at your door
Me and my last cigarette

Yeah we've been through this before
Too late to cover up my tracks
Damn the fool who begs for more
I'll take my past and paint it black

Now this circus has left town
This clown has got to get his feet back on the ground

I'm learning how to fall
Learning how to take a hit
Had to walk before I crawled
It was winner take it all
Now I'm learning how to fall
Yeah, I got the hang of it

I was standing in the light
There were faces all around
I put my gloves up for a fight
One sucker punch and I was down

* Repeat

I was flying through the clouds
Pucker up, it's time to kiss the ground

* Repeat

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Estilos: Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal
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