Why I'll Die


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Why I'll Die Capitollium
Why I'll Die?
Are the thousands of millions of questions
Why I'll Die?
Understanding the power of truth
Why I'll Die?
Incarnating in the our dimension
Why I'll Die?
Isolation is a just parody of the incoming past

All in vein
The life means worthless
Emptiness and fear
Are left for you

Only choice to lay down
Only chance to sleep off
So there is no big deal
In death

Why I'll Die?
I love tortures but I don't love to bleed
Why I'll Die?
Metallic web on my shoulders is so heavy
Why I'll Die?
The gift of the chastity lost in my consciousness
Why I'll Die?
Little razor. There and back. Several times.

Shall you sit in frustration?
Or laying down on the floor
Simultaneously scratching
Your veins to the core?

Look at your face
You already be gone
Bloodbath and steel blade
What was before?

Pictures from the past
Are flying forward and far
Shiny explosions
And white-glowing stars

Red liquid is flowing
And you have felt sorry
For all in your life
Don't worry nevermore.

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