This Is My Song

Charles Chaplin

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This Is My Song Charles Chaplin
Why is my heart so light?
Why are the stars so bright?
Why is the sky so blue
Since the hour I met you?
Alone I sing in moonlight
With you in my heart supreme
To hear you say I love you
That's is my hope,my dream.
Love,this is my song
Here is a song
A serenade to you
The world cannot be wrong
If in the world there's you.
I care not what the world may say
Without your love there is no day
Love,this is my song ,here is a song
A serenade to you.
Flowers are smiling bright
Smiling for our delight
Smiling so tenderly
For the world you and me.
I know why the world is smiling
Smiling so tenderly
It is hears the same old story
Throught out eternity.
Love, this is my song,...

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