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Beautiful Chip
Even when I ain't on Capital I'm still seeing capital
Putting on for the capital, keep your gratitude
Sickest 90's baby UK's ever seen
Got a liver full of liquor and my lungs full of green
Past five, I've seen the game change
Seen niggas confuse the money with the fame
From the art to the chart, had a foot in both lanes
Bars swinging both ways, I call that Jessie J
These rappers couldn't test me on my worst day
Cuh I'm still blessed on my cursed day
I'll settle for runners-up, worst ways
Even if I come second, better's in the first place
Eyes on the stakes, mind on the cake
Fillet me on nigga, eye up the stakes
From pedal-biking in North, BMX with no brakes
The stewardess takin' snaps when I boards the plane
In my own lane, why they wanna take it?
Two things I never get; jealous or complacent
Still with the same friends, I don't see 'em changing
I'm with some real niggas gettin' white-boy wasted
One round, can I get a next?
More money more gyal, you know errytin bless
I got a couple hoes, the famous ones are the best
Cause they just want dick, nothing more nothing less
Yes, chain on, Sunny Delight nigga
Jasmine, fresh out the can, Sprite nigga
Every line's crack but I ain't a dope fiend
I'm with a white chick, her pussy pink like Codeine
One thing I learnt; hoes will be hoes
Yeah times change but real people don't
So R.I.P to the girl I used to see
And R.I.P to the girl she used to be
What will be will be and what's written is written
They told me it's impossible, I don't care for the mission
You know you're doing well when even your haters listen
And you're looking at your wristwatch and it ain't ticking (Swag)
Summer time, summer time, let the sun shine
Where I come from summer time means somebody dies (Northside)
It's new levels, new heights, still pushing
I just made it out the hood for everybody who couldn't
For every nigga rappin', for every nigga trappin'
For every nigga coming out of jail and goin' back in
An AK-47 flow, I let off automatic
The reason why every UK rapper's under panic

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