The Ballad Of Miss Lily

David Ford

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The Ballad Of Miss Lily David Ford
well there never was a girl like lily
she was a pretty little heartbreak machine
she had a way to part a fool and his money
she was a lucky litte gambler's dream

and she promised up the world and whatever
and she could get a man to do anything
and by the morning he'd be cleaned out and crawling on his knees
but every night he let some poor fool sing

he said i may not be a rich man baby
but i'll tell you what i'm gonna do
i'm gonna take you out tonight in the city
i'm gonna spend all my money on you

she'll take a seat up at the bar at around 7
and wait for some poor sucker stumbling by
yea and she'll pull him in and drag him on under
and then she'll drown him in thoose big dark eyes

and with the moonlight breaking through a litte crack in the sky
well he was broken and the damage is done
he'd give up everything he had for a love that could never be

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Estilos: Alternativo, Pop, Rock, Folk, Indie
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