I Promised You

Dieter Bohlen

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I Promised You Dieter Bohlen
Can I be you hero?
Can we start from zero?
I know it's hard for you,
Cause I made you blue,
Can I be your lover?
Will there be no other?
To break each others heart,
Can we try a start?
When the night is young,
I don't know where I go,
But I'll never let you,
Never let you go
I promised you the world, I promised love,
I promised you will never give it up,
I'll get the stars, from the sky,
Oh, to hold you just a while,
I promised you my love just everyday,
I promised you will aways find a way,
I'll get the stars from the sky,
Oh, to hold you just a while
Love is like an ocean,
Always just in motion,
Should I stay or go?
Oh, baby let me know,
Can we be together?
Always and forever,
Is this just goodbye?
But do we give a try?
Baby tears may go,
And baby years may come,
But I know for sure girl,
Where my heart belongs

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