He [She] Loves Me

Dionne Warwick

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He [She] Loves Me Dionne Warwick
He loves me and to my amazement
I love it knowing that he loves me
He loves me, true, he doesn't show it
How could he, when he doesn't know it?

Yesterday he loathe me, bah
Now today he likes me, ha
And tomorrow, tomorrow...

My teeth ache from the urge to touch him
I'm speechless for I mustn't tell him
It's wrong now but it won't be long now

Before my love discovers
That he and I are lovers
Imagine how surprised he's bound to be
He loves me
He loves me, yeah

Isn't that a wonder?
I wonder why I didn't want him
I want him, that's the thing that matters
And matters are improving daily

Yesterday I loathed him, bah
Now today I love him, ha
And tomorrow, tomorrow...

I'm tingling, such delicious tingles
I'm trembling, what the heck does that mean?
I'm freezing that's because it's cold out
But still I'm incandescent
And like some adolescent
I'd like to scrawl on ev'ry wall I see
He loves me!
He loves meeeeeeeee!

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Estilos: Romântico, R&B, Black Music, Pop
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