State of Emergency

Dudley Perkins

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State of Emergency Dudley Perkins
Take this how you have to, or don't take it at all.
Our time is growing small, the writing's on the wall.

Official OX music, original originators,
Here to stop all the bullshit, rantin' & ravin', and hatin'

Time to move it out to the pavement, and put this rap music aside
Time for the D to rise, seek out those that hide and don't abide
By the four elements, fake prophets I'm heaven sent,

you can't stop it
heavy on you when I drop it

Truth be told, with all that I hold, so dear to me,
Don't make yourself my enemy, no -
You don't want to go there,

Where I've been and what I've done
Is why I fear no one, no son, no man, not even God's hand
Long as I go by God's plan,

Warrior of the light, how bloody is your fight?
Why does it take a tragedy before people unite?
We need to stop takin' life light.

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Estilos: Hip Hop, Rap
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