Absolutely Zero


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Absolutely Zero Earthists.
As the white light fades
My heart is barely breathing

I begin to walk from zero again
I want to get rid of all the heavy things on me and be in a brand-new condition.
Since when has this become so stuffy?
I suffer in a cage and I can't move anymore
Would there be someone who'd help me out?
Would my friends who always fight together reach out their hands without changing?

Selflessness eventually gets mixed with your ego and turns into distorted consideration.
Will all the conventional connections disappear if they spit out what they think?

It's a price for having kept looking away from the fragility of connections.
Suffering from unfair anxiety we crouch down in a corner.
Courage to brush off the hand hiding the light.
Don't be afraid to lose it.
We'll lose it all, and build it up from 1 again.

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