I'm Not Done

Friska Viljor

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I'm Not Done Friska Viljor
How's the weather out there?
It sure looks nice from here
How's the family? The house?
And the guys at the factory?
Your kids are they alright?
Tell them I'll home to see them soon
And mum, is she holding up?
Make sure she's not alone

The tell me that I'm running overtime
But I refuse to see that they are right
There's so many things out there I haven't done
That I wanna do, and I've planned it too

Dearest here me now
I'm not done
Just another run
Still not gone
Dear son I'm not done

How was the band today?
Did the new song sound ok?
The nets, did you get them out?
Now when we found the big's whereabouts
I know there are things I could have done to make it easier whe I leave
But I didn't plan to go yet, it wasn't supposed to end like this

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