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Milla Goldfinger
Milla, you’re my little señorita
You’re my little angel that I love, my turtle dove, my star above
Milla, when it hurts you’re anesthesia
When life turns around and knocks me down you are the sound that brings me round

You showed up and you made my life so much better, better, Milla
You showed up and you changed my life here forever and ever

Milla, you know I always wanna squeeze ya
You know I always want to kiss you girl, you’re my world, my baby pearl
Milla, you're my beautiful bonita
You’re so wonderful it makes me smile like a child all the while

When I hold you in my arms the world can do no harm
We could never lose, this life that we both choose
You’re my little baby girl
You’re my little baby girl Milla

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Estilos: Punk Rock
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