This Happy Feeling


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This Happy Feeling G.Q.
6000 miles behind I left you
6000 miles fell so alone
6000 miles have to travel
6000 miles to get back home

And I'd have to sail oceans boundless
I'd have to cross endless skies
Tonight I do dream I can grow wings
And I can fly, that 6000 miles back home to you
I traded for some great adventure
Stepped out into worlds unknown
To far away lands, did I wander
Deserts and moutains, I now roam
Well I just cant let go, of your golden shores
And I still crave your salted air
And if I was standing on the edge of heaven on earth tonight
I coundn't care about anything less
Than 6000 miles

I never really had much of a way with words
But god knows, I love to sing
The feel of yhe sound coming through me
The feel of the joy inside that it brings
And so here tonightI am your minstrel,
And you be my silent beating drum
Whenever that musica plays inside us, not even oceans
Not even oceans, can keep us apart
not even, 6000 miles

6000 miles to get back home, to you

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