Report To Me

Gregory Isaacs

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Report To Me Gregory Isaacs
Report to me
there are questions you have to answer
report to me
disrespect is no laughing matter
report to me
I'll be the judge I'll be the jury
report to me

verse 1
Passed by this morning
at quarter to three
but you ain't there no way
to welcome me
I'm taking this much as seriously
to make sure that you get in touch with me
after you read this note
then you know this is no joke


verse 2
yesterday you were a student of my class

my class
& that you were happier under my supervision
but you moving out of my class
what kind of life are you living
whose example are you following
be careful
if you should follow this little warning


verse 3
I find my doubts and my suspicions
that you always built an explanation
and were indeed just what you wanted
maintain respect in the neighborhood


repeat chorus

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