Queen Of The Scene

Hot Chelle Rae

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Queen Of The Scene Hot Chelle Rae
She’s sophisticated , or so she seems
This place is over rated , but is the place to be
She never comes alone , and everyone is her friend
Her home away from home
Well she thinks she’s looking classy but is easy to see that

She shines like a diamond thinks she’s a queen
When she’s hanging on the show there’s a cocaine kitsch
She’s got a lot of daddy’s money and a lot on the scene
So she thinks… she’s the queen of the scene

She’s in the V.I.P. the envy of their fans
Thinks she’s the city’s elite because she’s up with a band
She’s higher top her throne with the cutting hand
Oh…well…she can’t see a pretty face


the train racks is off track.
Her nose bleeds and she smashed
She can’t see where she’s at ,
it doesn’t really matter because she never looks back


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Estilos: Pop/Rock
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