I Am Giant

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Transmission I Am Giant
I didn't mean to, break you down
I had no intention of pushing you out
I didn't mean to, turn this around
Turning my words without making a sound

Never in doubt now, never in doubt
We can stand here and work it out
Never in doubt now, think it over
We could stand here and work it out

Say, Say something to me
That I never heard before
Just, say something to me
That you've never said before

I didn't mean to, say it out loud
Laying my fiction all over the ground
A television keeps me awake
Streaming the colour of all the mistakes


I Just can't trust you, now
I just won't let it go
I just can't trust you,now
I just won't let it go
I just won't let you go

The radio and phone calling me out
Transmitting the airwaves right into my doubts
Filling the room with memories of sound
Telling me now I could've worked it out (Could've worked it out)


I just won't let you go.

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