Love Song


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Love Song I.R.
(Oh Ah) (Oh Ah)
(Oh Ah) (Oh Ah)

Verse 1:
Gentle Voice, Soothes My Soul
Loving Arms, Hold Me Close
I Feel Your Love, I Feel Your Love

Verse 2:
You Wipe the Tears, the Pain I Knew
All My Fears Are Washed Away
Your Healing Love, Your Healing Love

Let My Heart Be True
With These Words I Sing to You

You Are All I Want in My Life
You Are All I Want in My Life
Your Love It Shines So Bright

(Oh Ah) (Oh Ah)

Verse 3:
You Call My Name and I'll Come Near
You Hold My Hand, I Won't Let Go
I Know Your Love, I Know Your Love



(Oh Ah) (Oh Ah)
(Oh Ah) (Oh Ah)

Chorus X2

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