Swag It Up


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Swag It Up Kerser
You want the old school Kers back?
Asking you [?] see

[Verse 1:]
I got my chains on and now I'm swagging on
Yelling "C-Town", someone bring the bagging for 'em
Ain't need a zip up, I never switch up
I've seen the cunts, you thinking tough? Just stop and bitch up
But I ain't saying shit, I ain't giving fame out
The line off the leash, I ain't getting tame now
I'm in Designer, rolling out to airports
At the start, we used to walk, they be like "they're poor"
I got my motivation, always got my motor racing
King of rap, I own the nation, sit [?] overweight and
I'm like a coma patient, walking with a big cup
She asked my autograph, I signed it, saying "sick cunt"
This that good shit, Kerser in the Limousine
They fucking dreaming, thinking they could ever finish me
I'm number one, yeah, I heard it, you know
I keep dropping CD's 'cause they're certainly dope, get it?
I'ma shine, I don't care how they feel
In ten years, you look back, like "you ran it for real?"
I mean, I show you how to stack cash off this rap shit
I show you how to do it proper with no wack shit

[Interlude 1:]
I show you how to do it proper with no wack shit
I show you how to do it proper

[Verse 2:]
Pay homage, I'm the first without the media
To dominate this shit and take what they was feeding ya
The one and only, I'm the man, my bars will never stop
I'm getting paper everyday, I'm like a letter box
Oh, you don't like that, like how I write that
Got me swaggie something, I could cause a time lapse
I got these bars, I ain't stopping for a fucking hook
You telling stories, probably read 'em from a fucking book
I remember cunts getting rushed for ten bucks
I lit my spliff like "fuck, will he get up?" (you know)
This is old school Kers, what you been waiting for
My old fans are like "shit man, he's back as raw"
Smoking up and sipping cups man, this the usual
Kerser one can put the fun into your funeral
I'ma piss on what you drop, it's like a urinal
I tell a bitch "my name is Kers, don't call me beautiful"
You dancing 'round on stage, your shit looks like a musical
Our shit is raw, we rock a show and bring the crew for you
I've been celebrating, 'bout to hit the road again
I blew up years ago, I guess that I'm exploding then
I've never been a bitch boy, I've never been a dick ride
Watching half the faggots seen, all they do is switch sides
I'm with the same side I've been since the team kid
Jumping on a hater is our version of a remix

[Interlude 2:]
Jumping on a hater is our version of a remix
Jumping on a hater

[Verse 3:]
ABK, I swear that you ain't seen the half of us
The other half you haven't seen, they keep masking up
They pumping jobs, now I'll send 'em to the ARIA's
Tell em "shoot it up" okay, I took it far enough
Now, these rappers think they're bouncing again
Should be trying to do what I done in 2010
It just won't happen again, I'm that one of a kind
The blueprint that I designed can't be done again, alright?
Spitting rhymes and they turn into a paycheck
So fresh, I don't ask, I just say yes
Been around a long time at the top spot
Cunts [?] my music like a fucking hotshot

[Interlude 3:]
Cunts [?] my music like a fucking hotshot
Cunts [?] my music-cunts [?]

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