Double Helix

Knuckle Puck

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Double Helix Knuckle Puck
If you bottle every first impression
And send them out to sea
But forgot mine it would still find a way to me
Cause the viewpoint never changes
When you’re stuck inside a memory
Another night, another wasted echo
Can I rewrite my code?
Retain the good and purge the bad
Take, take, oh please just take it back
I don’t want your double helix
But you’re still a part of me
Clever and calculated
Or at least id like to be
Swallowed up in hatred while the surgery
Replaces who you are
Another time, another face to let go
Can I rewrite my code
Retain the good and purge the bad
You’re fraying at the fabric
I’m pulling at the strands

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Estilos: Pop/Rock, Rock
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