Krizz Kaliko

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Intro Krizz Kaliko
Son of Sam!
Can he do what he do?
Can he do what he do?
They love the way that I’m holdin my rappin' apparatus
If I was absent, would they be mad at us
It’s like a natural attraction, the back of the [?]
Look at they asses, throwin' [?] at us
My rap strips the innocence of millions of citizens
Either they showin' [?] finishing
Do backflips, my energy with intimate genital genitals
[?] when they give it to 'im
I get her [?]
[?] sodomize, I cauterize, I gotta like her (okay!)
She do somethin' to my music and hopin'
She didn’t kind of [?] terrorize 'er
She actually wantin' to fill 'er, the pen in her
I been there and then dinner
A gentleman at dinner [?]
I sing in tenor, her man is ready to bland her
My tenderloin bigger, she need the Focker, no Ben Stiller
Give her on up, get upiddy right, got it
I busting in, they give it up, the gun is automatic
Take mention to Kalikoholics
Know we get the bitches have a frolick and can do nothing about it
They get to listen and get up all their kissin' and lick up on us
Put they mouth and shout, Krizz'll [?]
Love you
I know you do...
And now, the greatest love song ever

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Estilos: Alternativo, Hip Hop, Rap
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