Exile Rag

Kyle Craft

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Exile Rag Kyle Craft
Well I went down the road, take me back to my honey
I spent my time, made my money and now I'm hauling this shit home
But I'll keep your secrets here, some shack in California
I'm shutting my mouth but gotta warn you, everybody knows

'Cause you've been out all night, always talking at the wrong time
The barroom and the busted lamp light keep you company
And it's there you speak her name and give in to the lips of strangers
But poor boy, you'll never tame her, she knows your talk is cheap

And by the time that you go get her, by the time that you feel better
By the time that you realize the new you is a drag
She'll be rolling in new love and you'll be rolling on the exile rag

So Shotgun Annie, come, look down your barrel at me
Take your time, feel free to have me dying or alive.
'Cause I couldn't stand to walk wild streets in New York freezing
Looking for a love that pleasing to waltz into my life.

But by the time that her door's closing and you feel like you're imposing
on that brand new boyfriend she has.
She'll be rolling in new love and you'll be singing on the exile rag.

Well the ghost here ain't so bad, but I swear she talks just like you
Shows her teeth and walks just like you do in the middle of the night.
Knee-high boots and bells, she does a turn-round for me.
Holds me close but then ignores me underneath the light.

And by the time that her train's parting and her tragedy's restarting
And it's you or the cash in a bag.
She'll be rolling in millions and you'll be singing the exile rag.
She'll be rolling in new love.

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