Instant Love

Leon Ware

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Instant Love Leon Ware
Instant love, instant love
Instant love, instant love
Instant love, happiness (yeah)
Instant love loke what we're feelin
Its got tobe there (yeah)

We don't have to go through changes
Our ESP is so complete (So complete)
Baby, we'renot really stangers
We've just got anotherchance to take, angel
All I wanna, all I wanna do is hold you
More than the life and in between
No return, I'll never scold you
And sinceyou wanna behere, oooh

Ooooh, Instant love, Instant love
Happin' anew no, yeah
Instant love, I like the feelin'
Helpin make it love somehow

You're the kinda girl I'd glady die for
Absoluteperfections hard to find
Make me your to make me try more
To make you mine, oooh

Instant love, instant love
Just like my dreams (yeah)
Instant love, I can touch you
This is much more than the routines (OH-oh)
Instant love, instante love
Smiles on tender care (yes, it does)
Instant love, has come to mend it
Once you taken a route somewhere, oooh oooh
Instant love, instant love
Instant happiness (yeah yeah )
Instant love, like we're feelin
It's go to be love there...

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