Lipstick Gypsy

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Infatuation Lipstick Gypsy
Why you gotta be so exciting?
Lips were made for me: so inviting
Girl, I want you back
Can you not tell?

Contentment in your voice: girl, I'm spellbound
Wish I was your choice
Give it up now, baby
Give it up now, give it up now

Guess this is what infatuation feels like
Guess this is what infatuation feels like
I wanna love you
I wanna love you, everything to me
(Come on, come on, come on)

I can only dream of what it'd be like
Loving you to sleep
Oh, it's so right
Take me home with you
It'll feel so good, yeah

I stare into your eyes: pure desire
Feel it, don't you hide
I see that fire, baby
I see that fire, see that fire

Sick to my stomach when I don't know
Exactly where you are and where we're gonna go
I can't leave you alone, baby
(Can't leave you alone)

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