Gypsy Man

Marcia Graffiths

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Gypsy Man Marcia Graffiths
From nowhere
To a caravan
Around the campfire light
A lovely man in motion
With hair as black as night
His eyes were like that of a cat in the dark
That hypnotised me with love
He was a gypsy man
Lord knows he was a gypsy man
He danced and danced around
To the guitar melody
And from the fire his face was all aglow
How he enchanted me
How I'd like to hold him near
And kiss and forever whisper in his a-ear
I love him gypsy man
I love him gypsy man
(Do you love him)
(Do you love him)
(Sweet gypsy man)
(Yes you love me)
(Yes you love me)
(Sweet gypsy man)
umm hmmm
I love you gypsy man
I love you gypsy man
Can't you understand gypsy
That i want you right now
I'm burning deep down inside me
For you, gypsy man
I want you, gypsy
Come on
I want you gypsy man
Ohhh yeah
I love you gyspy man
I'm burning deep down inside
I want you right now

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Estilos: Reggae, Soul Music
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