Four Words

Parenthetical Girls

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Four Words Parenthetical Girls
forgive me please but do repeat what you've said
while its fresh in your head
the way those consonants stretched
before you forget
wait there thats it just
at the split of your lips
before your tongue gives to lisp
wearing that sweet sinful slip
spins a crippling ellipse
a swell of strings sing neath
the pleats of my dress
and speeds what beats neath my breast
into the song they suggest
taps traces of wet
(oh wait that shape did make conducting the wave)
they phrase this endless refrain
and for the next several days
im braced neath the waist
creased of these sheets
in half a sleep it seems to speak through me
the sweet symphony
might simply be the sound of space between
conceived of where we meet
might your proximity then cease to restrict
that which exists of such bliss
where that it rings of all things
with strict consonance
bless me with breath lest we forget
what you said
to loose this noise in my head
for that in flesh unto death
might we seamlessly blend
and should i pass away
i pray a tape be lain upon my grave
and these sweet remains may play that melody
to say whats left between these knees at ease

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