I Love You 1000 Times

The Platters

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I Love You 1000 Times The Platters
Remember love notes, the teacher found in school
The whole class laughing, gee I felt just like a fool

But that’s not the very part about I
I had to write 1 thousand times

That I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
Girl, I love you 1 thousand times

The love notes I treasured, loving you was not a sin
Punishment was pleasure, whoo I’d do it all over again

I wrote, and I wrote, till my fingers got sore,
But I had to write just a little bit more

Did you read my letters, it’s been on my mind?
All that it said was girl I love you one thousand times

From them untile this very same day,
I still feel that same old way

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Estilos: Clássico, Rock
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