Lil Babi


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Lil Babi Plies

That my lil babi (x9)
Pussy On fleek, Anything that she want
She can get it from me
Cause that my lil babi
(That My Lil babi)
That My Lil Babi (x4)


She Never creep & i know where she at
Know if i text her , she text me right back
She never tell dont fcc her like that
I dont got to tell her , to throw pussy back
Had to my nigga , lock that pussy down
Gave her that dick , she go making them sounds
Im the only one who fccin her now
She fell for the boy , after i dick her down
I take her shopping , then fcc her good
Can't nobody fcc her get that understood
That my lil babi , she fight for the boy
2 In The morning she get right for the boy
That my lil babi over all of you hoes
That my lil babi , i dont want none of you hoes
That my lil babi (x2)

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]

Pussy so good , i can't leave when i get it
I be wanting seconds and thirds when i finish
That my lil babi , be all in her feeling
I be on go when i go when i give her that business
She be ready to go when i go when i finish
I be get right up on them titties
She be right top i told bae let me feel it
I be Tryna give bae everything that be in me
Pussy 1 Thouyah, i that she know it
Know that she fcc with me bae cause she show it
Im in that pussy, (?)
Know that im still, when i tell her to go
Know that im turnt, when i ask for that (?)
(?) , and i told her (?)
Archin that back , & it be (?)
Throw it . Throw it

[Hook] x2

That My Lil Babi

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