Livin the Dream

Qveen Herby

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Livin the Dream Qveen Herby
Woke up with views of the city
Top of the hill, shit is crazy
Thinkin bout hard times made me
And somehow I became the boss

I pick up my check and I go
I buy the roof the rove
I swipe my black card at
the Balenciaga store
I don’t make dinner anymore
That’s what the chef’s here for
I didn’t always have it
But I still kinda miss just

Rollin in our mom’s car
Knowin we were rockstars
Didn’t have the cash for gas
We had to hit the coin star
Making big plans
Ten bucks in my hand
And working through the weekend

When we were broke as hell
When we were singin on the street
That was the best of times
Mcdonald’s booze and weed
We built it all ourself
Cheap smoke and strong caffeine
It felt like bullshit then but
We were living the dream

Learned how to steer this Mercerdes
Workin all those hours at the valet
Never let prosperity change me
I work like I could lose it all

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