Bee Your Man

Relient K

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Bee Your Man Relient K
I'll watch you wind on down the string and settle to the ground
I'll give my little hand a yank and then you'll come back 'round
But just like you and me babe
You're the yo-yo, I'm the hand
Let's say you'll be my baby, and I swear I'll be your man

Hey, guys.
Ya'll the band?
Ya'll pretty good now.
I'm in a band now.

Alright, ya'll now it's time for a Tennessee-sized oblige to the good fans of Relient K for buying the Nashville, Tennesse EP. Thank you very much from John, Matt, John, Matt, and Da--Ethan, and I'd like to conclude with five great things about America. Freedom, justice, America, and uh...what that last one? Right, Taco Bell. Thank you.

[bug zapper noise]
The Bird and the Bee Sides
Oh my goodness. This is awesome.
There's b-sides for everybody. Some rarities, and some uh, unreleased recordings. Bzz
Take that off!
Man, that's awesome.
From the archives
Man, I'll tell ya'll what, man, that's awesome. Ya'll are awesome.
I love bees..
Birds. I like birds.
Bees. I love bees.
Alright, bees. Bees and..
The Bird and the Bee Sides
Start the record.

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