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Broke Riley Clemmons
Yeah, I know I am messed up
I'm not ashamed of it
I'm not afraid of it
Cause I know that your love
Oh, I was made for it
Lord, I've prayed for it

The flaws and the scars
They say I should change
The pressure of perfection
Weighing on my brain
Can't bring me down
Cause I know my worth now

With You I don't need to hide
That I'm a little broke inside
You love me when I'm broke inside
Cause You see my light
Even in my darkest times
You love me when I'm broke inside

When the pain pulls me under
I am saved in it
I found my faith in it
I'm amazed and I wonder
How I'm good enough
For this perfect love

When I can't love myself
You love me like no one else
You’re all I hold onto
Nothing else gets me through

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