Worried Blues

Skip James

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Worried Blues Skip James
I'm so worried now
I'm worried now but I hope not to be worried long
Because I'm gonna pack my little old suitcase and
Back down this road I'll be gone

You know my baby she got a little something
I just don't know -- wonder what is
She got a little something and I
Just don't know a what is
Because every time I think about her
Lord it gives me a thrill

I wish I could holler
Just like a mountain cat?
I wish I could holler, like a mountain cut
You know I stood on top of the mountain and I would call my baby, right.

Yeah she locked me in the cold with my ???
You know she locked me out in the cold with my forty large
She knew I was broke and I was hungry and I'm a thousand miles from my home

Yeah don't you write me no letter
And don't you call me on your phone
Don't write me no letter
Please don't you call me
Because you know I'm a poor boy travelin' and
And baby tryin' to find a home

You know my mama told me when I was 12 years old
My mama she told me, when I was just 12 years old
Son you're gonna be nothin' but a [bad brother?] but
I'm gonna pray for the lord to save your soul

You know I been mistreated
When I was a little child
I been mistreated
When I was just a little child
I declare for ain't gonna let these monkey women
Run me wild

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