Game Over (Steril Remix)

Solitary Experiments

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Game Over (Steril Remix) Solitary Experiments
You want to play
Let's start the game
Remember just one thing
Nothing stays the same

Observe the rules
First move is made
You should not hesitate
Before it seems too late

Before my eyes I've been betrayed
The deeds of selfish men I hate
King for a day fool for decades

Another tale another lie
I'm on the brink of breaking point
Stop making words up just to please
But promises are made to keep
Another turn another fail
I guess it's time to end this game
You've had the chance to proof me wrong
There's no excuse for more mistakes

You set the stone
Don't let it go
Maybe it's your last chance
Of course you'll never know

You attack
Your masterstroke
You'd better hurry up
No compromise allowed

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