The Edge Of Life (Symphonic Version)

Solitary Experiments

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The Edge Of Life (Symphonic Version) Solitary Experiments
Fragments of a broken time
Tells a story of decline
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
It is always just the same
When the clouds covered the sky
And you're tired of this life
Self compassion is the wrong way

If there's somewhere a last spark of hope
Change your opinion about things which you don't know
I wish it would be like in former times
When you filled the area with light
If there is a chance to recognize the blame
Try to imagine how you realize the aim
You can't ignore there's a truth behind
That followed us until the end of time

All things come to those who wait
Do your best and keep the faith
Pictures falling out of frame
Build the parts up once again
When the moonlight's shining bright
Whispers echoing in the night
You will see what is to be done

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