Northern Sky (feat. Bradley Walden)

The Body Rampant

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Northern Sky (feat. Bradley Walden) The Body Rampant
Hope is broken as I stumble blindly on the floor,
I guess I should have closed that tab a few hours ago
Every night I drink alone and find myself face down,
its just another blackout day and you know where I'll be found
Sing me a song so I can sleep, my guts are burning and I couldn't stop spinning

Let go of the things that you can't change
There's nothing you can do about them
And I don't wanna be the sympathetic reason for your fall into my arms

Take a breath and never let it save you, make your mind.
Just forget about it so you can finally sleep at night
Long for cover, see the sky and make a wish before
you wake up to see the northern sky transcend alone

I awaken to a world of enjoyment
Fantasizing of a perfect place
Its terrible to think of where my mind might wander this time...

Don’t let me fall asleep
I can lessen the sense of love
And I wonder why you don’t taste like me

But it’s not a rush
Feeling like I’m above you
And it’s offered to keep me in
Do you love enough
I don’t have enough for you

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