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Fire in the Blood The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris
Come walk with me through the pines
In the morning sun.
The birds are singing in the pines
In the morning sun.
Come stand with me, my darling one,
Among the trembling pines.
We feel His presence all around
Fire in the sky.
You can’t hold me, I’m too slippy,
I do no sleeping, I get wandering
You can touch me if you want to,
I got poison, just my body.
Lie in circle on the sunlight
Shine like diamonds on a dark night.
Ain’t no blessing in my smile,
Only things that sway me back.
Future, he don’t try to find me
Skin I’ve been through dies behind me
Solid hollow wrapped in hatred,
Not a trouble, men are wasted.
You can slip and try to find me
Hold your breath and fled deny me
Makes no difference to my thinking
I’ll be here and you start sinking.

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