The King's Jazz

The Dean's List

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The King's Jazz The Dean's List
This is a young man
Who grew out of a need
He came to be, as he is
Because things needed saying

And the young people were the ones
Who wanted to say them
And they wanted to say them
In their own way

He somehow had an ear
On his generation

Judius, you're a liar
We gotta couple more drugs for this fire
Don't believe us, that's fine
We gotta few more miles on these tires, ahh

Black or white, it's real or fake
It's food, for thought, the truth to taste
Baby, I'm a loner
Momma, I'm a stoner

Twenty one years, livin' life within a coma,
Dreamin' all crazy, crazy ass year though

American money with my focus on the Euros
Woody ya'll, Woody, whatchu know about the Buzz
Real lightyear, naw nigga, 'bout to bust
But it really wasn't easy, really wasn't easy

Run into your girl, and she does that shit to tease me
Oh hahaha

Yeah, special occasion, special night
And uh, I'd really really like tuh
Give a big thanks to the King
For having us here tonight
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This is classic right here, alright
Love this shit
Uh, yeah

Taken back with this one

Generation X

Boston, here's a King
Here's a little more jazz for the ring
Goin' in swing now, I know about the right hook

I'm all about the right line
Fishin' for the right look
Shot the Mary Lou
Shot the Mister Handcock
Shot the King Co

My status, I'm a fan,
Alright, that's good, play my shit
Fuck my misses, play my hits

Alright that's fine, fine, fuckin' real fine
I'm in love with all the minutes, I don't do this all the time
I should, proabably never would
Even if I did, I wouldn't dish em' out the goods

Oh yeah
You know that, you know that
But I told you that you knew that

Don't forget it, get it all back
Put down that front and watch it back
(Watch it back)

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