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Strong Boy The International Submarine Band
Strong boy
You're wrong, boy
You think you've got my baby now
But this fight ain't quite won

You shorted me, a mighty big mistake
'Cause muscles ain't enough
To make her run away from me
She knows what kind of lover I can be

Strong boy
You're wrong, boy
My baby likes to have her fun
But I'm the one she loves

You've made your pass
You did find in your class
But all that you've been holdin'
Is a glove without a hand
You may be her boy, but I'm her man

Strong boy
You're wrong, boy
You leave women everywhere
You never get your fill

You've lost your pride
My heart is twice your size
How does it feel now
That you found one thrill you can't try
Stick around and watch my love roll by

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