The Paragons

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Florence The Paragons
Ooooohh hehhhhhh
De de de bop bump bah bah ah ah ah ah oh oh florence girl dont you go ahhhhhhh oh florence I love you so ohhhh oh oh oh oh florence be trueeeeee to meeeeeee
*incoherent babbling*
Ahhhh ah florence heeeey youu.... will be right
I want you, I need you ahhhh girl I need our love tonight I I I...
Ohh oohhhhh
Oh Florence, I need your love ohhhhhh your an angel from the heavens up above Ohhh oh oh florence be trueeee to meeeee
Need you need you Florence ahhhhhhh true love inside
How much baby you let down, for you are my heart and soul ahhhh
Ohhh ohhh oh oh oh Florence I need your love ahhhh You're an angel from the heavens up above ahh ohh ohh Florence be trueeeeee

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