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Scowl The Story So Far
Tell me did you practice what you said to me
Was never there when I was supposed to be
Is that supposed to be some kind of joke to me?
Leave home, tour hard, then we’ll see

Change up your face, attempt to erase
But you’ll never feel the void in my space
I’m off, off this bad taste
Wasting my time in one place

When you left you ruined your name for me
I wear a scowl so that they can always see
Nowhere near where I wanna be
Grinding all my teeth again

Attract to me come back to me
I’m waiting on you so patiently
Someday soon I hope to see
That you’re feeling indigo way down in your soul
It’s all facade, it has to be
You’re planning on it so carefully
Let a couple years roll by, bet we come back to this again

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Estilos: Alternativo, Pop/Punk, Rock
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