Leopard Shepard

The Underachievers

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Leopard Shepard The Underachievers
UA to the death of me, my specialty's bulldozing
I'm chosen for the throne, so I'll get it eventually, Hater
Get some paper, mula, mozzarella
Loser see you later, zoomin' through your cooler
Puffin on the flavor, super sour of (?), of power
Name a team, with G niggas it's usually ours
We spending hours in the studio, filling my wallet
Rolling chronic, palm pilot, shawty smiling, 40 drownin' (?) I be piling
When we wildin' know we OG Kush, rollin' up with the OG's
Them (?), nigga that's dope steez
We sky high, nigga that's nosebleed
Don't screw it up; codeine
We true as fuck, and moved it up

Stupid nigga
Ya'll ain't on our plateau nigga
I got 'em sayin Oh My God

So pave the way, the most insane (?) craze
I'm Johnny Blaze, see me puffin' my haze, OK
I'm legendary, the makavelli resides inside me
You'll never drop me, the light gods, we like John Gotti
I'm on my Brent Salamin, Respect to God on top me
Go Kamikaze, misunderstood like fuckin' Natzi's
You'll never drop me, I elevate (?)
(?) If fire spittin' ain't your posse

I'm The, I'm The
Reincarnation of a king long gone
The highest enlightened nigga, sittin' on top a sun
An angel told me in a dream, like Neo I'm the One
So I'm out here freeing souls from they bondage to the love
U-N-I-T-Y, Free my people, now we fly
Fools stuck to the ground, wondering why we be high
Brainstorming like (?) knowledge higher than the skies
On a divine mission, nigga don't get left behind
Elevate your thinkin', Young Gods
Smoke loud, dream free and live large
Respect karma, keep progressing to get far
Fuck the skies, the limit is the solars
Problem with the world ain't that they all sinning
It's the fact that they unconscious lost spirits barely living
The children of the sun, here to set they souls ablaze
Keep the signs from the profits enlightened because I age

Age, limit, don't matter
Lyrics shatter any calibur, character
Get your knowledge, (?) and your swagger up homie
Only and why are you (?) to fire, you pray
That's your demise, I know
That's why I rise playa
(?) 'till I wrinkle, rollin' indo in the enzo
When I'm with your women spending, every single cent you lift up
For the new age
Get A bouquet, Rozay
Fuck minimum wage, Penetrate
Till' you get your pay, innovate
Then pave the way
Them days are getting shorter, life is getting harder
The youth is getting conscious, our generation is stronger
Generating to greatness, ain't no need for that fake shit
Ape shit, I ask them who the best and they say this

Oh My God, forsaken he's type I
Relation to no other patient, doctor say He's A Prob
Funny niggas do the hating when they ain't on they job
Leopard Shepherd on the desert
Never sweating, spread the message, touch your brain like massage
Words paint a collage
We concentrating on paper and infiltrating them blogs
So, roll up the Grade A's and get faded
And toast to the days of struggle, look what it made us, Hah

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