Sister Cities

The Wonder Years

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Sister Cities The Wonder Years
The moon is hanging low over the central station
I watch the buses leave in silence, bound for
foreign distant places. The Andes hold me close;
a mother’s only son. I feel weightless in the valley
like I’m everywhere at once

I’m laying low
A stray dog in the street
You took me home
We’re sister cities

We came here abandoned. An old brick-faced
apartment. Rusty swing set in the courtyard
like the one that I was born in. I’m guarded
like I’m wounded. My first instinct is always run.
I wanna turn to steam / I wanna call it off.
I want a light in the dark / I wanna swallow the sun.

I was just mange and skin and bone.
You took me into your home.
Kept warm on a blanket of your worn out winter coat

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