Wararchy (feat. Scribbling Idiots)

Theory Hazit

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Wararchy (feat. Scribbling Idiots) Theory Hazit
[Verse 1: Mouf Warren]
She likes to manipulate, I like to womanize
If it's about give and take, then why we rubbing thighs?
We say "You know I don't love you" right into each other's eyes
Maybe that's the problem: afraid to open to the pain love provides
The greatest moment in my life is when I found her
Tapped into her power, the opposite of a coward
The scent of beautiful flowers every time got devoured
Falling deeper and deeper in love, losing track of the hours
The toughest times in my life always centered around her
Losing sense of who you are only makes the problem sour
So how am I supposed to stay humble and act like I don't care about her?
When I'm embarrassed, that's how! Plus I don't smell the flounder
Don't wanna waste no time with a Debbie Downer
When I'm ready to pound her like a mastermind from behind
If I find something out about her, watch how fast I'll pull out of this noose
Make her sing the blues while she pays dues for you know who

[Verse 2: JustMe]
And there ain't nothing truer
The rarer I live, the poor are a newer bluer
With that said, a little dab'll never do ya
All cat everything for me and my crew of
Artisans looking anything but bipartisan
Winter coats, hoodies, wind breakers, and cardigans
Even rocking into LA looking harder than
Masticotti with a 40 and a Dodger brand
And we all fit in, wearing it and singing it
Cold, cold world that we sharing and keep bringing it
Boys in blue got the night stick swinging it
That's only one of the reasons I keep lingering

[Verse 3: Cas Metah]
I'm still tryna make it on the Wake Up Show
But every day I wake up, I just blaze up dro
Got a way with wordplay always be talking
But it's hard to chase your dreams if you're sleepwalking
Networks only connect when your net worth
A fee for some guest work, so much for friends first
It's strictly business when we spitting written this
Send them the beat, they'll send you sixteen, no interest
No overdubs, you lucky to get an ad-lib
Lucky if they practiced half a minute 'fore they rapped it
Yeah I'm agitated, I want my respect due
I'm not Captain Caveman 'til Snoop call me "nephew"
I'm not quitting 'til I meet B-Real
Thank him for Cypress Hill and the Phuncky Feel Tips
You feel this? You must be a mad rapper too
Either that or you just have the blues

[Verse 4: Theory Hazit]
In between two jobs, I praise the same to God
To keep my sanity in, avoid the vanity sin
Cuz once calamity's in, I rebuke with a gun
And I refuse to become a slave that rules to the shun
By the system that fails cause our system is hell
Sometimes I drink away pain then I'm under a spell
No wonder I failed, it rains thunder and hail
It's fun to rebel, but I call it a night
Some call it the blues, I'm tryna kick it with you
But the club got rules, they don't like my shoes
Cause they blue suede true, I don't gang bang
I write good rhymes that go bang-bang
This world ain't changed, cops go bang bang
Rappers still can't sing, rappers still can't sing
Rappers still can't sing, rappers still can't sing
Rappers still can't sing, rappers still can't sing

What are we doing?
All we do is fight each other
Because we love so hard but in the end we hurt each other
Here comes the rain, back again
Baby I have an umbrella
I got my armor on, I'd go to war for you
It seems like this fight lasts forever

"Pick your battles, fight the good fight"
Says the man that never took a step in all walks of life

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