My Reckoning

Your Inner Durden

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My Reckoning Your Inner Durden
Ahe was holding my hands
When they told me to dance
And I thought I was right
With my pride out of sight

I jumped into the sea
cause I knew how to swim
I belong to this world as much as
SHE belongs to him

We've all been disappointed
We all wanna be part of something better
The super ego strives for more
What are we assimilating for

Degenerating doesn't seem so strange
We mimic the world we see
It seems we all believe in change
But why can't this change begin with me

The bigger picture - yellow press
Media landscape still a mess
A drunken sailor screams "It's fun"
Like the party's just begun

Idiots are still taking over
Supporting just the biggest frauds
While 15 hundred miles down south
People are dying for free speech


Are we really happy like this
Do we really settle for nothing more
Are we really happy like this
Why won´t we settle for something more????
Something more????
Something more????

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